Wednesday, 19 January 2011

World of Warcraft...

This game is a BIG part of my life, im not shy to say, its nice too have a game that you can play to get away from the real world.

When this came out, i managed to get ALL my real life friends hooked on it, the only bad thing about this game is how addictive it is, i failed a few of my GCSE's due to not doing coursework because i was either raiding or just so engrossed in the cyber fantasy world...

Let me hear your thought on World of Warcraft or even any other Addictive "MMORPG"

Many Thanks!

Mr. Jheez


  1. I played vanilla wow up until BC launch. I then like so many others started to fade away from the game as a ton of new people just now started joining. Meh, I miss world pvp in wow thats what kept me playing, and they kept releasing battlegrounds and arena stuff and it just killed it.

  2. To be honest, I think it's a huge piece of shit, way too easy and a grindfest. it takes zero skill to do anything really. Starcraft is a much more challenging game that takes alot of skill to play, or even Warcraft 3

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  4. Eh, I used to play A LOT during BC but Cata did not interest me at all. I'll be following though, just to see what you think

  5. I played vanilla wow like crazy but the addons destroyed the game. CC was okay but after 2 month you are through with the content

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