Thursday, 27 January 2011

Review That Game - Episode 01

Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360 Edition)

Episode 03 Answer: Duke Nukem.

Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorite Role-Playing Games (RPG). Despite its technical problems, BioWare's first in what is to be a trilogy took all role-playing genre to new level, both in graphics and multiple choice. Mass Effect 2 is a better game in every way. From the very first scene, as a gamer your grabbed into the game, so no SLOW and BORING starts. And the farther you go into this epic action role-playing game, the better it gets. It fulfills the promise of its predecessor while continuing to push the boundaries of what we should expect in a videogame.

This is the continued saga of Commander Shepard. It's the future, and all sentient life across the galaxy is in peril. An advanced race of machines known as Reapers is fixated on wiping the slate clean. Shepard, a distinguished soldier, has faced this threat and emerged triumphant once, but victory is far from assured. Now you must take the fight to the enemy.

A mission that is dubbed suicidal from the outset. Things don't look very promising, but Shepard has a plan. It involves recruiting the best and brightest from around the galaxy and somehow convincing them their lives are worth sacrificing for the greater good.

Heres a link to a trailer of Mass Effect 2

This is a MUST buy if you dont already have it...

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  1. game looks sick is it like dead space?

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  4. i never played the first one, but i might check this out.

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  6. My friends loves to talk about this and how awesome the game is. I might one day try that as well.

  7. just bought it lately, awesome game. although prefer Fifa ;)

  8. I need to play these games i've heard nothing but good things

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